Course Overview

Catch a sneak peek into the 18 holes that TalonsCove offers! We are extremely proud of our course. You’ll find emerald green grass, challenging bunkers, sand traps and unexpected twists along the way. With a golf pro’s best advise for each hole, we are confident you can learn to play like a champion.

The 1st hole

Par 5 • HCP 7
A straight drive is needed to attack this starting par 5. Be sure of the pin placement on this deep green. Approach shots uphill will want to find the deep front left bunker.
Starting Place 565 * 535 * 489 * 393

The 2nd hole

Par 4 • HCP 13

Hitting the fairway with a shorter club off the tee is the smart play. Approach shots will be one club less to this green.





The 3rd hole

Par 4 • HCP 15

A tee shot short of the two fairway bunkers only leaves 135 to the green. When the pin is on the right behind the bunker, par is a great score.

The 4th hole

Par 3 • HCP 17

Important to be on the same tier as the pin with your tee shot to make birdies or even par.

The 5th hole

Par 4 • HCP 9

With out of bounds down the right side by the houses, aim your tee shots towards the aiming stake by the left bunker. Playing the correct tees, most people can carry the left bunker to a wide fairway.

The 6th hole

Par 3 • HCP 3

Par is a great score on this par 3 signature hole. This big, wide green is hard to hit and even harder to putt. Aim tee shots at the right side of the green. Going long left or short left in the bunkers is a certain bogey or worse.

The 7th hole

Par 5 • HCP 1

Don’t be fooled into trying to cut corner off the tee. With out of bounds left, your target should be the left edge of the right fairway bunker. All approach shots feed left into this green. If you can stay out of the sand, the #1 handicap hole can be attacked.

The 8th hole

Par 3 • HCP 11

Very scenic and straight forward par 3. When selecting your club pay attention to any wind.

The 9th hole

Par 5 • HCP 5

Cutting the corner makes this hole harder from the deep left rough. Aim at the aiming stick. Pick the correct club for the pin position. Be aware of the pin position as this green is three clubs different from front to back.

The 10th hole

Par 4 • HCP 6

As one of the toughest holes on the course, this long hard hole to start the back nine is all about the tee shot. Lay up close enough to the creek so you have a short iron to the green.

The 11th hole

Par 4 • HCP 12

With a tight fairway and severely sloped green this hole takes more precision than most. The closer you get to the green from the tee the better chance you have making par.

The 12th hole

Par 4 • HCP 14

This straight forward par 4 is a good one for birdie. A well placed approach can leave a very make-able uphill putt.

The 13th hole

Par 5 • HCP 18

Downhill par 5 is reachable for the big hitters. Fairway slopes right to left, right center of fairway is perfect shot. Anything left will be swallowed up by deep rough and bunkers. Be sure to be aware of any prevailing breeze.

The 14th hole

Par 3 • HCP 16

This uphill par 3 yardage plays at least one club longer. Green slopes severely back to front.

The 15th hole

Par 5 • HCP 2

This is a three shot hole. Long slight dogleg left that requires precision second shot. Medium iron second shot should leave a a fairly easy approach. You don’t want to lose your second shot right.

The 16th hole

Par 4 • HCP 18

Short par 4 well bunkered allows you to go for the green. Smart play would be to lay up with an iron off the tee.

The 17th hole

Par 3 • HCP 10

Well bunkered par 3 with slight downhill, plays half club less.

The 18th hole

Par 4 • HCP 4

One of the great finishing holes in the state with a fairway sloping left to right. This hole requires a drive left side of fairway. There is more room right than it appears. Slight uphill second shot might require a half club more.

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